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Congress Hall

€500 / day

The congress hall with a seating capacity of 90 people is the most used congress space. It has all the necessary technical equipment as well as a lectern. The price includes a built-in screen, projector and microphones.

It is also popular as a dance floor during balls, weddings and company parties.

Red salon

€450 / day

The most luxurious of all salons is the Red Salon. Hand-woven Persian carpets, historical lamps and the entire decoration create a real castle atmosphere, which is requested for wedding ceremonies, extraordinary negotiations, concerts or celebrations.

Maximum capacity of 60 people in the case of cinema seating.

Castle dining room

€250 / day

With a capacity of 60 people, the Castle dining room is an important part of events, where catering is ordered in advance.

Art salon

€250 / day

Wood carvings, paintings and leather chairs are a beautiful part of the Art Salon with a maximum capacity of 36 people.

Round salon

€220 / day

Salon suitable for sitting and congress events. The capacity is 20 people.

Hunting saloon

€220 / day

The salon with hunting trophies is suitable for various meetings and celebrations.

Capacity is a maximum of 35 people.


€220 /day

The library of Smolenické Castle definitely has the charm of history.

Capacity is a maximum of 24 people.


€360 / day

An exceptional space in the western bastion in the Lower Courtyard of Smolenické Castle, suitable for smaller wedding ceremonies or gatherings. There is space for additional seating in the choir of the chapel.

Capacity 20 people, together with seating in the choir for 30 people.

The entire interior

€2200 /day, €4000 / Saturday, Sunday

At Smolenice Castle, it is possible to rent the entire interior with all salons and corridors (without rooms), which guarantees an undisturbed environment for larger events.


BBQ area

€50 / hour

The BBQ area is an excellent place in the heart of the castle park, which provides space for grilling, games and, in case of bad weather, shelter in two larger gazebos. The price includes firewood, drinking water and electricity.

Lower courtyard

€850€ / day

The lower courtyard is especially popular from spring to autumn for wedding ceremonies, but also open-air wedding receptions, where a tent can be set up for about 50 people. Concerts and other cultural events that have a unique atmosphere in the Lower Courtyard are also worth mentioning.

Lower and upper courtyard

€2200 / day

You can organize larger private or corporate events in the romantic courtyards of Smolenice Castle. The space is divided and offers enough space for a large number of people. Toilets are available in the Lower Courtyard.

Meadow of the castle park

€3000 / day

The meadow of the castle park provides sufficient space for mass cultural or social events with a capacity of several thousand people.

For example, the Journey through the fairy-tale forest is popular.

Castle park

€6000 / day

The 48 hectares of the castle park contain a lake, a forest with hiking and cycling trails, a fireplace, two large gazebos in the Židova dolina, and all of this in the vicinity of the beautiful Smolenické Castle.